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Friday, April 6, 2012

The craft of patience

Hi friends! Do you ever let your house go for a while just because the kids are in the middle of a project? You know that point at which you cannot stand to see another bit of paper or yarn on the floor? I am there. My girls have discovered a blog/YouTube poster who makes all manner of furniture and accessories for Barbies out of recycled materials. ...And, my daughters adore her! I have piles of tea bags, cereals, crackers, and other foods sitting around in my cabinets because my girlies have stolen the boxes to use for their crafts. I absolutely love the fact that they are making all these things because it means I do not have to buy them! However, the crafting has gone on for over a week and I am beginning to feel the neat freak in me start to scream.
 I must tell you, we live in a tiny two bedroom townhouse. Thus, there is not much room for the attack of the crafting supplies. My three girlies share a bedroom and there is no room for their Barbie stuff. We have a front door, but never use it, and a hallway with only a bookshelf leading to the door. I've designated that as their Barbie kingdom and they have managed to fill every nook and cranny with stuff!
Anyway, this week my nine year old made a boutique complete with clothes, purses, shoes, and jewelry. My ten year old made a kitchen, bathroom, school, and all sorts of other teeny things. (which I envision going in the trash in the near future. I know, bad mommy, but I can't stand little things all over the floor!) I am quite pleased with their tenacity and creativity. Can I have my house back now? Mommy is tired of stepping on beads and hot glue strings!

Coming soon!!!! Book 2!!!!

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