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Friday, March 28, 2014

Doll house DIY second floor

So the second floor of the doll house is pretty well finished. Let me post the pictures and then tell you about what I have done:
 Here is the master bedroom. Ellie wanted a modern platform bed. I stacked 5 equal pieces of cardboard and covered them with wood contact paper. I made a mattress and a bedspread out of a thick white cotton fabric. I made a lot of pillows! The wall mounted night stands are two more of those blingy dollar store combs. I glued a rolled up piece of paper that is painted silver to a glue stick cap for the lamp. My Froggy Stuff on YouTube has tutorials on mattresses and the folded paper shopping bag. Lastly, I made two doors from cardboard, contact paper, and beads for the extensive (imaginary) walk in closet.
The bathroom is one of our favorites! Let's start with the tub. Barbie tubs cost in the neighborhood of WAY TOO MUCH! I found large Easter eggs at the dollar store and painted the lower half (which happens to have a flat bottom). My modern faucet is made from another dollar store comb with hot glue dripping off for the water. The sink is made from two different dollar store candle holders glued together. I made the faucet from a picture hanger and two beads. The mirror is an old scratched dvd and the fancy pendant light is from a broken necklace. The trash can was Ellie's work. She painted the lid to a hair spray can. And everybody knows that Barbie does not use the toilet since she is plastic. Also, if you've looked online like I have, you know there are no easy ways of making  a nice looking toilet from recycled materials!
Just one floor left! Ellie decorated the roof of the house, which I will show in another post. We are excited to be near the end of this project! I hope these posts are inspiring some crafty mom out there. My smart daughter was figuring out last night that this whole project will cost me under 40 dollars, whereas a store bought house and all the furniture will run over 100 dollars. I love a bargain!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doll house living room and kitchen

Hi! So I survived the first floor of the doll house! Wow! I have a few glue gun burns and scissor cuts to show for it. How about a tour?
So this is the modern kitchen and living room. Everything in the kitchen is made from cardboard. Some of it is covered in wood print contact paper and the rest is covered in scrapbook paper. I used a baby food container for the kitchen sink after painting it white. The top of a kid's hanger and two clear beads make the faucet. The rug idea came from here:
The couch is made from a tissue box, fabric, batting, and extra cardboard. I also used cardboard tubing for the legs and painted them silver. You can find a similar couch here:
I made pillows with beads in the center. I can't find the right tutorial for these, but if you look up My Froggy Stuff on YouTube, she has loads of tutorials.
My super chic coffee table is made from a nut can covered in shiny scrapbook paper. I glued a scratched up DVD mirror side up on top. My modern art bouquet is made from a glue stick lid, toothpicks, and crystal beads. Peeking from the side is my printed-from-online tv. Both chandeliers are Christmas ornaments I picked up at a rummage sale. 
So that is the update for today!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doll house updates and other busy things

Wow! I am just too busy! I keep wanting to do the final touch ups on Ellie's room, but every moment of my day is taken up with homeschooling, housework, sewing, and a few minutes on the doll house. I am happy with my life. Alright, on to details, right?
This week I papered the walls of the doll house with various scrapbook papers. (A great money saver there is to look at Big Lots in their stationary section. They get closeout stacks for 5 dollars or less.) I get most of my paper for projects like this at Big Lots.
I also had Ellie take a photo of the doll who will be occupying this house. (In case you are wondering this doll happens to be a bit self absorbed. She is a lesson to the other dolls on how NOT to behave.) Anyway, we did the photo in a paint program on the tablet so it looks like a portrait. I glued it to cardboard and put painted popsicle sticks around the edges for a frame. The giant peacock feather is just a piece of scrapbook paper trimmed.
Next I made some chairs from Dollar Tree blingy combs and popsicle sticks. Then I painted them white. Not sure if they are totally modern, but they are cute!
Next on the agenda will be the kitchen.
Also this week, I found the perfect fabric for an apron for my baker girl, Emma. She loves to bake and even more, she loves rabbits.
If anyone wants an apron made for their special girl, let me know! I do special orders in my shop:
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of our bunny, Bella, and her beloved blankie.
Everyone needs a smile!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Updates and Info

Hi! I wanted to give an update on Ellie's room, but first..........
I have started making these adorable essential oil bags! If you have recently visited my shop and did not see a style you love, you have two options! 1. I will soon have some new bags up, so just check back with me. 2. You can comment on my blog or convo me in my etsy shop for a special order. I can make my shopping bags or essential oil cases in any fabric you desire. I hope to hear from you soon!
Now, back to the plans for my daughter.....Ellie is turning the big 1-3 this May and I am undertaking some huge projects for her delight. #1 Was to repaint her bedroom. It is now a lovely gray.  I still need to make a cover for her comforter with its huge hot pink and lime green flowers. I've decided to go the duvet route. (didn't that line look so fancy?) My hugest (I know, not fancy) project is to create a new doll house for her using a bookshelf. I have pinned a dozen ideas on my "doll stuff" board on Pinterest. I suppose that will count as homework. haha. My girl loves her dolls, but she wants her doll to have a modern house. Quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances....the whole nine yards. Now, I am a French country, provincial, romantic, rosey type. Modern is not in my vocabulary. This will be a stretching experience. I've begun by buying this bookshelf from Target that has lovely dark hardwood floors already... ha.
I have stocked up on metallic paints and scrapbook paper. I dream about modern doll furniture at night. This is going to be bad. In the mean time, I have lots of sewing to do!! She is going bonkers because I won't tell her what I am planning. It is for her birthday after all! More updates to come!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Essential Oils Girl

My daughter Emma loves to draw comic books. Yesterday and today she made one that I just have to share. My friends who use essential oils will love this! Enjoy!
Another day saved by essential oils!! We sure feel that way around our house. I love not using OTC medicines anymore. I am almost ready to throw them all away! Oils work and they are natural and safe for your body! Hope ya'll loved the comic!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Renovations already

My eldest is turning 13! AAAAAck! I posted picture a year ago of the lovely (horrid) color of green that we painted her bedroom when we bought our house.
At the time we thought it would awesome to have a bright pink and green room to match a bargain comforter we had bought. It was not awesome. It gave you a headache. Now that she is "so mature" I decided to paint her room a calm gray. (Mostly because I had a can of cheap white paint, a small remnant of white good paint, and a tube of black acrylic paint) See how resourceful (cheap) I am? Anyway, I am now finishing the trim in the room. I have been slowly (did I mention slowly?) painting all the trim in the house over this year. Let me tell you, there is a gob! It has been so stinkin' hard to cover that green!!! But I am triumphing! Up next is removing her mirror closet doors and building a massive doll house in the bottom half of her closet. I will post updating photos.
In other news! My National Guard chaplain continues his very important ministry and works a less than stellar job to care for us. I pray God will bless him mightily for all he does for his family!
I have re-opened my etsy shop:  . We need the extra income! Unfortunately, although everyone says my stuff is so cute, no one is buying. AAAAAck! Breathing, trusting in God. Blessings, friends!