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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mountains and valleys

Hey cyberspace, how are ya? Life has been busy! The first week of July we went to the Davis Mountains here in Texas and went camping. It was gorgeous and cool, but rained everyday. I thought our little tent would float away down a mountain run-off. We had to rig a tarp and some trash bags on the roof to keep us and our things from getting wet inside. My youngest was terrified of the lightning and thunder booming through the mountains.The other two were trying to count to figure out how far away they were. We hiked a 5,000 ft mountain together. It was tough, but we sure enjoyed the time together.

Honestly, our lives have been like that grueling 3.5 mile trek. We have felt lately that our direction will soon change, once again. We have been through being missionaries, students, workers, and now it is time to change. For years it has felt as though we left our hearts in Bolivia. We left there in the midst of political unrest in 2005, and although I was very ready to leave at that moment, I wish we had stayed. God knows best, though, and has brought us through an unbelievable "hike" since then. Hubby has 2 master's degrees that we hope will give us an opening for our place in promoting His kingdom. Anyway, we are hoping to be launched again. We cannot presume it will be very soon, but we pray for our Father to make a way where there isn't one.
So, here I sit. I'm sending my yearnings out into internet land. Have you ever really fit in a place , but you didn't realize it until after you were gone? Feeling here, but not really. Restless, but still content. Ok, that's enough. Thanks for reading!