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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thrifty remake

So, before Easter I went to the Salvation Army thrift store close to me. (Usually even thrift stores are too expensive for me, but they have half price clothing on Wednesday.) I purchased dresses for myself and my three daughters. I posted the remakes I did on my daughters' dresses on Facebook, but didn't post mine because I wasn't happy with the fit even after alteration. So, today I tackled it and made a skirt I can love.

So here is my frumpy dress. It was about 4 sizes too big for me, but only 2.50 so I bought it. It originally had a floppy crepe fabric bow at the neck. I removed it and put a lace insert (to make it a little more modest). I put in a plethora of darts to take it in without having to completely disassemble the whole thing. I wore it on Easter with a nice cardigan and brown shoes. It was ok, but still felt like a Mumu dress. I still love the fabric! It's a cotton and linen blend. The pattern was a bit too busy for a dress, so I decided to chop it off and make a nice skirt. I love skirts and wear them all summer. So here is my final product!
Now that is a skirt I will wear with a brown t-shirt or yellow. Cute! So that is my remake for today. I had intended to do a skirt from a pair of jeans and a super cool jean skirt that I have outgrown. Alas, I am too efficient and had already donated the jeans to charity. Sometimes I am a little too organized!

Ok! Some big news! I just started the process today to self publish my first Jane Austen genre novel on Amazon! I will post as soon as it is made available!

Have a blessed day knowing that Jesus loves you!

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