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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book news

Hi! I am so excited that my book is available for purchase on I thought I would tell a little about my writing in this post. Most of my friends know I've led an unusual life. I was born a navy brat in Rhode Island, of all places! We lived in Puerto Rico when I was a small child and many, many other places as I grew up. This includes Texas, Missouri, a brief 2 months in Guatemala, and Bolivia. I have encountered so many amazing people and experiences in my life so far. In 1998 I went to live with my aunt and uncle while I attended Dallas Baptist University for a year. I have my aunt to thank for introducing me to the whole world of Jane Austen. I was immediately hooked and wanted to watch the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice over and over. I read all of her books, several times, and sought out every version of each of the movies based on her books. (I draw the line at 90s interpretations). Well, back to writing. I am really not talented in many areas, but I love to write.
   Several years ago, I wrote 2 novels based (very loosely) on things I had experienced. They are my way of turning on the creative and writer side of my brain. True, they are extremely fictional, but there is emotion in those stories that I needed to express. You can read both of those novels here on my blog in some of my early posts. They are fun, suspenseful stories that I still enjoy reading. In thinking of sequels, I discovered that it was really not the genre that I was passionate about. I am very passionate about Jane Austen. I am not a dress up fanatic, but there are principles that resonate with me. I love the fact that I feel content when I read her books. There is nothing dirty or disgusting to wash from your brain. Yes, there are scandals. However, what they called scandals and the scandals of today are quite different. I have these same elements in my books. I have another angle added to my stories; I am a Christian and I am not ashamed to express my faith in my books. Just because a story is "clean" does not make it Christian.
Without further delay, here is the link for the print version of my book Helen Redding. While the sale of this book will really help my family, I am publishing as a step of faith for myself. I am pursuing my dream of being an author. My sincere thanks to all who have encouraged me, read my books, helped me, and shared my posts. Thank you!
It's our 15th anniversary today. I love my bear hubby!!

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