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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

joining the club

I have seen numerous posts on Pinterest lately (the place I waste inordinate amounts of time looking at pretty things) on repurposeing men's button up shirts into girlie dresses. My hubby has had a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for ages that I bought for him at Goodwill. It was short sleeved and an absolute pain to iron! The cuffs on the sleeves loved to do all sorts of wacky escapades in the washer leaving me with a headache at the ironing board. It is lovely soft fabric, so I decided to make a dress for my youngest. She is a clothes horse and welcomes any addition to her wardrobe. That comes in handy when I want to experiment. Anyway, after much dreaming and scheming, I came up with a design and made it up today. She immediately declared it beautiful (because of the rose made out of the shirt's collar) and wanted to "wear it the rest of the day." I think it turned out pretty cute!

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