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Sunday, November 18, 2012

writer's block gone

Hey friends! I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful holiday week! I know I am! Calories? What are those??? I have no idea!! heehee! I can say that for one day, right? Today my daughter says to me, "Mom, you always make way too much food on Thanksgiving." You bet your booties, I do!! That, my dear, is the idea! I must confess that my kids abhor dressing (stuffing), but I make it anyway because I love it. I'm not sure what else I'm going to make this year. I suppose I should decide soon. ha. Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful holiday and many happy triptofan induced dreams! Yay!

My cutie girlies get ready for a fall festival
For those who regularly read my blog (I'm assuming anybody reads it!), you know I've written and posted 2 novels here. BOOK 3 IS NOW GOING AGAIN! I had an acute case of writer's block in the penning (or typing) of my 3rd sequel. However, today during my Sunday nap I was struck with inspiration. I could not jump out of bed and unload my ideas immediately, since my hubby was studying for his certified fraud examiner's exam. (doesn't that sound so fun? yawning here). So, this evening I finally sat down and my inspiration made it to my fingers! This does not mean that book 3 will be published tomorrow! No way!! But I give you the hope that it will be on the horizon soon. I will need to send the rough draft to my professional editor ( my lovely mother), along with a lot of proof reading for myself. (Oh my goodness that line makes no sense!!! and that sort of thing). If you haven't read my novels, you can catch up by clicking on the links on the right. Any publishers out there....hey I'd love to hear from you!

Blessings to all and happy holidays! Be thankful!

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