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Sunday, August 4, 2013

New stuff

Hi friends. Wait, does anybody read this, or am I just doing this for myself. Oh well. Life has been so very busy this summer. My dear has been away a total of 8 weeks this summer in training and drills for the National Guard. I am so grateful that he is not deployed for months at a time, but still we have not been apart so much in the entire history of our marriage. My utmost respect and applause for all the women in the US who are alone today, worrying about the future of their loved ones.
I have used this time to work on house projects. Some painting, grouting, and deep cleaning have worked on my muscles. I have read way too many novels! Haha! I have watched Jane Austen movies even though I practically have them memorized. They drive my hubby crazy because of the highly predictable outcomes. So, in his absence I can watch them and smile my stupid smile as Darcy gives his amazing romantic stare. I am after all a writer, or wish to be one. Which brings me to my new project. I love stories from the mid to late 1800s England. Thus, I've decided to write stories from that epoch. I have my first book outlined already. Still hoping and praying for a publisher, but if not, my stories will be for me and my friends. I still haven't finished my third book in the Pseumish series. I hit a creative block. Perhaps it just won't be as long as the others. I don't know. I tend to jump from one project to another in every area of my life. However, I am not one of those people who start a hundred things and never complete any of them. I do finish things. I suppose the creative and the orderly side of me have a delicate balancing act.
Hope you have had a wonderful summer. I know some people have been through tough times. As our pastor said this morning, "Make your life about Jesus and you won't have to worry about your life."

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