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Monday, November 4, 2013

Who me

Hi friends. Was thinking last night that I must post in my much neglected blog. I have devoted most every minute of computer time to the drafting of my Jane Austen genre novels. I'm on the third one! Yeah, I still do not have an agent or publisher. Why do they have to make it so difficult? When I see the number of strange, boring, and downright dumb books that get published every year, it disheartens me that I cannot find a publisher for mine. Deep breath.

Ok, so I can't believe it's November!!! I am once again a single mom since hubby is away for 7 weeks of chaplain training in South Carolina. Oh, and I am finally a soccer mom. My two oldest are 12 and 10 and they are on their very first soccer team. The navy base here has a small league. They love it! My delicate girlie girls are learning what aggressive means. haha! One of our bunnies had babies a week ago. Yay! More fun to worry about.
Hubby and I at a wedding in southern California in October.

I gave up on sewing for profit. Not going to happen. I want to help out with our severely strapped finances. It seems, though, that every time I do, my efforts are doomed. Praying for a solution!

Well, back to November. I get a kick out of all the folks who get a hankering to become thankful for the month. I am convicted that I am not thankful enough all the other months. (see previous paragraph). Perhaps if I am grateful in June, I won't feel as though my life is in constant want in November. I was thinking over choices I made before I was married before I got out of bed this morning. What ifs are dangerous critters. It all boils down to the message of the Old Testament. God had a purpose and a plan from the very beginning. Every single crazy and even bizarre event that took place was part of a greater plan, like dominoes lined up in seemingly unrelated rows. In the end, the dominoes lead us to Christ and His sacrifice for us. It makes all of the weirdness in our own lives point to God's greater purpose for us.

ok, done preaching.

Well, I do hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving season!

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