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Friday, May 16, 2014

Stuff, Things, and Deals

Gracious! The moment I think my life could not possibly get any more busy....Bam! I have been trying so hard to make my Etsy shop viable, I was sewing like a drag racer! I struggled through trying to please people and wanting to just express my own creativity. Ug!! I get so upset when I read magazines and crappy pillowcases are 80 dollars, but people won't buy hand-crafted, quilted and embellished bags for much less from me. Deep breath! I've decided my Etsy shop is a lovely hobby. I do not wish to beg and whine and plead for customers. If it is supposed to be, it will be. Kudos to those who have done so much to help me!
On a happy note! Last weekend was my oldest daughter's 13th birthday. I have a teenager! She had been wanting the doll pictured above for quite a long time and didn't know that I had snatched her up in a fantastic sale. She started to have an idea when I made the Maddie Hatter bedding and bed the day before her birthday. I love the top hat and tea cup. (this doll is supposed to be the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland). I made a crazy quilt and even made the polka dot fabric to match her tights! I painted dots on white fabric with a pencil eraser. Anyway, daughter was very happy!

So in praying through all of my troubles from the first paragraph, God came through and I got a job! I am the new Education Coordinator for the local Jo Ann's store! Yay! I get to craft and sew and get paid for it! Sew excited! (I know, sorry)

Next, my dear daughters wanted to open an Etsy shop with doll clothes and accessories. My oldest has just figured out she loves to make doll clothes. It's her own creative outlet. So we all got busy and created some awesome things! I am so proud of my girls for heeding my scrutiny and doing things well. Here are some of our things.
 I made this one and that is a paper purse I made, believe it or not.
 Ellie made these outfits. Elastic waist skirts and Velcro closed tops.
 I made this sparkly bedding set with lots of pillows.
So we had lots of fun sewing and photographing, as you can see! The girls new shop is .

Finally, we are saying goodbye, hopefully, to our baby bunnies this weekend. The time has come to sell them. So I'll post one last cute photo!
It's hard to photograph 8 wiggly bunnies!

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