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Monday, March 10, 2014

Renovations already

My eldest is turning 13! AAAAAck! I posted picture a year ago of the lovely (horrid) color of green that we painted her bedroom when we bought our house.
At the time we thought it would awesome to have a bright pink and green room to match a bargain comforter we had bought. It was not awesome. It gave you a headache. Now that she is "so mature" I decided to paint her room a calm gray. (Mostly because I had a can of cheap white paint, a small remnant of white good paint, and a tube of black acrylic paint) See how resourceful (cheap) I am? Anyway, I am now finishing the trim in the room. I have been slowly (did I mention slowly?) painting all the trim in the house over this year. Let me tell you, there is a gob! It has been so stinkin' hard to cover that green!!! But I am triumphing! Up next is removing her mirror closet doors and building a massive doll house in the bottom half of her closet. I will post updating photos.
In other news! My National Guard chaplain continues his very important ministry and works a less than stellar job to care for us. I pray God will bless him mightily for all he does for his family!
I have re-opened my etsy shop:  . We need the extra income! Unfortunately, although everyone says my stuff is so cute, no one is buying. AAAAAck! Breathing, trusting in God. Blessings, friends!

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