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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doll house living room and kitchen

Hi! So I survived the first floor of the doll house! Wow! I have a few glue gun burns and scissor cuts to show for it. How about a tour?
So this is the modern kitchen and living room. Everything in the kitchen is made from cardboard. Some of it is covered in wood print contact paper and the rest is covered in scrapbook paper. I used a baby food container for the kitchen sink after painting it white. The top of a kid's hanger and two clear beads make the faucet. The rug idea came from here:
The couch is made from a tissue box, fabric, batting, and extra cardboard. I also used cardboard tubing for the legs and painted them silver. You can find a similar couch here:
I made pillows with beads in the center. I can't find the right tutorial for these, but if you look up My Froggy Stuff on YouTube, she has loads of tutorials.
My super chic coffee table is made from a nut can covered in shiny scrapbook paper. I glued a scratched up DVD mirror side up on top. My modern art bouquet is made from a glue stick lid, toothpicks, and crystal beads. Peeking from the side is my printed-from-online tv. Both chandeliers are Christmas ornaments I picked up at a rummage sale. 
So that is the update for today!
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  1. Very cute Ann! You're inspiring me to make a diy doll house for my girls. Maybe I'll wait until they are a little older though :)