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Friday, March 28, 2014

Doll house DIY second floor

So the second floor of the doll house is pretty well finished. Let me post the pictures and then tell you about what I have done:
 Here is the master bedroom. Ellie wanted a modern platform bed. I stacked 5 equal pieces of cardboard and covered them with wood contact paper. I made a mattress and a bedspread out of a thick white cotton fabric. I made a lot of pillows! The wall mounted night stands are two more of those blingy dollar store combs. I glued a rolled up piece of paper that is painted silver to a glue stick cap for the lamp. My Froggy Stuff on YouTube has tutorials on mattresses and the folded paper shopping bag. Lastly, I made two doors from cardboard, contact paper, and beads for the extensive (imaginary) walk in closet.
The bathroom is one of our favorites! Let's start with the tub. Barbie tubs cost in the neighborhood of WAY TOO MUCH! I found large Easter eggs at the dollar store and painted the lower half (which happens to have a flat bottom). My modern faucet is made from another dollar store comb with hot glue dripping off for the water. The sink is made from two different dollar store candle holders glued together. I made the faucet from a picture hanger and two beads. The mirror is an old scratched dvd and the fancy pendant light is from a broken necklace. The trash can was Ellie's work. She painted the lid to a hair spray can. And everybody knows that Barbie does not use the toilet since she is plastic. Also, if you've looked online like I have, you know there are no easy ways of making  a nice looking toilet from recycled materials!
Just one floor left! Ellie decorated the roof of the house, which I will show in another post. We are excited to be near the end of this project! I hope these posts are inspiring some crafty mom out there. My smart daughter was figuring out last night that this whole project will cost me under 40 dollars, whereas a store bought house and all the furniture will run over 100 dollars. I love a bargain!
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