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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doll house updates and other busy things

Wow! I am just too busy! I keep wanting to do the final touch ups on Ellie's room, but every moment of my day is taken up with homeschooling, housework, sewing, and a few minutes on the doll house. I am happy with my life. Alright, on to details, right?
This week I papered the walls of the doll house with various scrapbook papers. (A great money saver there is to look at Big Lots in their stationary section. They get closeout stacks for 5 dollars or less.) I get most of my paper for projects like this at Big Lots.
I also had Ellie take a photo of the doll who will be occupying this house. (In case you are wondering this doll happens to be a bit self absorbed. She is a lesson to the other dolls on how NOT to behave.) Anyway, we did the photo in a paint program on the tablet so it looks like a portrait. I glued it to cardboard and put painted popsicle sticks around the edges for a frame. The giant peacock feather is just a piece of scrapbook paper trimmed.
Next I made some chairs from Dollar Tree blingy combs and popsicle sticks. Then I painted them white. Not sure if they are totally modern, but they are cute!
Next on the agenda will be the kitchen.
Also this week, I found the perfect fabric for an apron for my baker girl, Emma. She loves to bake and even more, she loves rabbits.
If anyone wants an apron made for their special girl, let me know! I do special orders in my shop:
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of our bunny, Bella, and her beloved blankie.
Everyone needs a smile!

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