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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ends and Beginnings

Hi! So I wanted to post the final pictures of the doll house. We ended up finishing it and moving it into her bedroom last weekend. She was really anxious to have it done and start playing with it. Here we go:
 This is the nursery. Ellie made the crib and the tulle bed curtain. I found the changing table (I assume it was intended for a little bathroom shelf) and we spray painted it. The chair is from my first post. I cut a piece of fuzzy fleece for the rug.

This is the adopted teenager's room and done completely by Ellie. She lives on the top floor. I made the bedding from some fabulous Chinese fabric that was given to us. Ellie used the "room in a box" tutorial from My Froggy Stuff and also for the dresser.
 This is the office. Not much to it. We were going modern, after all. I made her "acrylic" desk out of some doll packaging plastic and wooden dowels. Then I glued the legs to a piece of cardboard covered in duct tape for stability. She is a journalist, so she needed a camera and notepad. I found these in the dollar section of Target.
Finally, we have the roof-top terrace. It has a nice box garden (made by Ellie), a bench, and one of those cell phone holder chairs. I found the chair at a rummage sale and we painted it white.
Et viola! I'm sure she will add to it, but my hard labor is done. I have to say, it turned out very well. Now my second daughter wants a Victorian style doll house. Ay!
 I wanted to include some pictures of my garden. It's looking quite well for the first day of April. On the right side I have nasturtiums, which are edible flowers. They are hiding my zucchini plant. On the left I have spearmint, lettuce, flowers, and tomatoes. The white box is my compost pile.
This is my lovely spearmint! I make tea with it everyday. It is so delicious mixed with green tea; and so healthy!!
Ok, that is all for today, since I really should be cleaning floors right now!

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  1. We just came out from under the snow and another 6-10 inches are predicted for Thursday. I've bought seeds and I'm going to plant them in the house this week. I wish my garden looked like yours!