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Friday, April 4, 2014

Doll purses and people purses

Today was our 100th day of school, here at Withers Private Academy. We had grandiose plans of cake making, pizza partying, and crafting. However, as a cloud of lazy settled over the house I seemed to only fulfill the latter. We had homemade milkshakes for dinner (so healthy, right?), which we could do since hubby is away for his drill weekend as a chaplain.
Anyway, I always find that our dolls are sadly lacking in the accessories department. I mean, what Barbie is seen without a fabulous purse or necklace? Well, I am the official purse and necklace maker in our house, so I decided to put a few together tonight. I didn't photograph the necklaces because they sold off the shelf faster than I could get the camera. (they actually just got put on dolls as soon as the hot glue was dry.) Enough jabber, I'll show you the pictures and tell you how I did them.
Here are 3 of the bags I made this evening. Yep, they are all made from paper. I got this idea from My Froggy Stuff, once again. This time I had the where-with-all to make myself a cardboard pattern to avoid the tedious measuring and drawing every time I want to make some purses. The one on the left really buttons over a bead. I used some pink chain that I had for the strap. The middle one is open at the top and has ribbon handles. The last one closes with a flap tucked into a strap and has a bent paper clip handle. I love experimenting with different papers to see how they will look.
On to purses for real people! Much more exciting. I made the cutest essential oil purse and matching zipper pouch today! You can see them in my shop!
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